Saturday, December 19, 2009

Grumbly in My Tummy

Mom bought me one of those 'spensive totally not worth wasting money on Fancy Feast appetizers and gave it to me this morning and I ate it so fast it ran away and I throwded it up. And the Mom cleaned it up and said, "You can't have anything else delicious today."


So here's a picture of me snuggling with Mom and staring longingly at the kitchen.


  1. Our mum brought some of them back from America from our friends Grr, Midnight and Cocoa when they visited them. They were the mosy lishus things we ever had. We told mum she has to go back speshully to get us some more.

  2. I don't like those much either...

  3. That was very thoughtful of you to liven up your mom's day and make her feel needed by making a yak puddle for her to clean up. We love the salmon flavored Appetizers. Yum! We saw a couple of blog posts about thermal heat-reflecting cat mats that you mentioned in an earlier post. The 12/19 post at and a comment on the 12/8 post at each say they really like the cat mat.

  4. Thanks Grreta! Mom doesn't like spending munny on those things 'cause dey're basically hooman food and she says she culd give me the same thing for much lessmoney. But dey chop it up so nice!

    Anyway, she didn't do what she said she wud 'cause l8r I got turkey meatball. Sucker.

  5. SO sorry Wendell, sometimes that happens.

  6. we sometimes throw up when we eat too fast, too!

  7. Bonnie was a profeshunal barfer. She needed to eat less food more often. You just eated too fast; when you don't get special yummies often enuf, yur tummy's not used to them. So, you should haf it MORE often! ::wink, wink::

    Fanks fur da mysterious fings unner da Chrissymouse tree! I can't WAIT to open them! Mom says just 2 more sleeps, but... but... that's furever!! I hope Sandy Claws is good to you, bud! Purrs,
    Victor & Nina

  8. Hey, Wendell! Wake up! It's affer Christmas an we is hafin quite da nip an Temptations party! Come on ofur! And check out our pictors on da Secret Paws 2009 page.