Thursday, November 4, 2010

I Tells You When To Sleeps

All day Mom was complaining about how she didn't wake up early enouf to take me to the V-E-T because I woke her up at 3oclock in the morning and she didn't go back to sleepies till 5, and it took her all day to reelize I planned it all that way.

But tomorrow she's having Grammy wake her up early so I thinks I'm gonna havta go to the V-E-T for my last checkup in New Jersey.

Mom says being terrified tomorrow morning will be good practice for being terrified on moving day. I don't think I likes being terrified.

Monday, November 1, 2010

If Da City Never Sleeps, I Gotta Take More Naps

OK, so it's been almosta year since I started a blog and then didn't write in it. And in that year, what happened? I'll tell you what happened. New Yuck City happened.

On Saturday I'm doing the M word, which I've heard about on Max's blog and I am not too happy about it. I am a Jersey boy through and through. I liveded here my whole life. The only time I went to New Yuck City was when I had my surgery and that was not fun at all.

You know what is fun? Mom cleaneded up the apartment and it's almost empty 'cept for lots of boxes I can jump in sit in and stare out of saying, "Yo, it's just me. Sitting in a box."