Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My Scratcher Ball Rolly Thing Which I Got For Hanookah

Last night was the 8th and final night of Hanookah. Lookit what I got!
Mom saw that I was using my little narrow scratcher a lot so she went to Petsmart and found me this bigger one. And it was on sale, which Mom likes 'cause sometimes she's cheap. 
To quote Shirley MacLaine when she won her Oscar in 1983, "I deserve this." What? Can't a fella like Shirley Maclaine?
 This is me right after Mom opened it. I started scratching right away. Then she put the catnip it came with on and I was all, "Yeah, dat's the stuff" and I got a little trippy.
Mom says looking at my head makes her want vanilla fudge swirl ice cream. Do they even make that anymore?
And here's a video of me playing with my new scratcher. Mom's foot helped me figure out what to do with the ball.

Then we had Shake and Bake and Nom chicken and I passed out on the bed.


  1. We have one of those and we love it, especially when Mom puts more nip on it!