Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Secret Paws Miracle!

Guys guys guys! Remember when my Secret Paws present went missing? Well, Connie at Tales From the Foster Kittens thought that was super uncool, and she had Santa send me all new presents. Thanks, Connie!

Presents? For me?
Let me sit here on Envelope Island and smell this new feather toy.

My own light saber! I'm gonna use teh force and junk.

Feather Bell Thingy!

Thanks for all my toys!

One of Connie's foster kittehs had to go to the bridge this week, and that's way worse than not getting Secret Paws presents, so please go over there and say hi.


  1. Wendell, That is great news about your Secret Paws package!

    We are sorry that Connie lost a kitty!

  2. That was a very thoughtful thing for Connie to do. It looks like a great Secret Paw package.
    We are sad that one of her kitties has gone to the Bridge.

  3. Dood, that's awesome! And wicked cool of Connie to do that!

  4. um... you didn't get package #2?? I sent it the next day. Doods, yous got some temptation treat theifies in your neighborhood..


    that's OK, this was the main present. The Crew forgot to remind me of a few things I got originally.

    Thank you for the smiles..

  5. Dere were two packages? We will go back to da post office and see about dat. We can only go on Saturdays, though, 'cause it's like a mile away (really) and doesn't open till 10, and Mom doesn't have a car and has to be at werk so she can pay rent on the apartment where the post office never leaves anything and UPS leaves stuff that people help themselves to.

    Dis is why she just ordered vacuum cleaner bags to her cubicle. Thanks!

    1. There was a second, I didn't bother having you sign for it though, Don't know why, I figured it was safe. It was a cat blanket/mat thing that the crafters at the shelter I volunteer with made and sold and a packet of temptations.