Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Here I Am Again!

This is me during the freak October snowstorm we had. As you
can tell, I didn't lose any sleep over it. That's my blue bed,
on my blue chair. I'm blue yadadiyadada.
OK, I know it's been over a YEAR since I posted last, but a lot's happened.

We moved to New Yuck City. And it was really bad and we won't talk about it. We stayed for five months and then we moved to a friend's apartment while the friend was away and that was really, really bad because there were two other kittehs living there and they were very mean to me. That was another four months until Mom's friend came home.

Then we moved back to New Jersey, but we were so wiped out from all the mooving that we had Grammie and Aunt J. find a new place. We didn't give them much time. The place isn't great (there are roachies, and they are hard to catch!) but hopefully it will stay our home for the rest of the 1-year lease. I'm tired from all the mooving.

I'm having some health issues (I'm a senior citizen now, at 10), and Mom doesn't like the new vet we went to. He SHAVED my neck and then jabbed me with a needle like 4 times trying to get my blood out of my neck while the nurse held my head! So she's going to take me back to our old vet in another part of New Jersey even though it's gonna cost like a bazillion dollars in cab fare.

I still love chasing toy mousies [Mom edit: Chasing now means "You toss the mousie to me and I will attack it if it is in paw's reach."] I love my blue circle bed and playing "Let's throw stuff off the table." And of course I still go crazy for shrimps! And my favorite TV show is now Grace and Atomy. I watch it every week and sometimes Mom puts it on the Roku, which I also love. OK dat is all for now. Maybe I won't go another year without posting.


  1. that sounds like a very bad year! WE hope it gets better for you!

  2. Well hello there! What a year you have had! At least you have your comfy blue bed!!