Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Goodbye, Love

Wendell died on July 25, just a few weeks shy of his 12th birthday. He was an incredibly sweet, wonderful cat and I miss him.

We never posted here very much; we preferred the more social, short-form communication of Facebook. But I wanted to leave a tribute for him, should anyone find their way here.

Wendell "Bruce"
Goodbye, my Jersey boy, my Stinky Pete, my little love, my Bruce. Thank you for being such a sweet, wonderful, loving cat. Thank you for the interspecies naps and the head butts. Thank you for the games of footsies and for warming my feet in the winter with your mass of fur. Thank you for the days spent watching football and old movies, for making me laugh as you assaulted toy mice and popped soap bubbles,  for letting me share in your excitement at the sight of a

bird outside, for climbing on top of me and purring your little head off, for letting me talk to you when there was no one else around to talk to, for putting up with my madness and my showtunes, and for making me feel better just by reaching out a paw to touch me.

Thank you for killing that real mouse in ‘09. Sorry I didn’t let you eat it.

I will miss following the stripes of your perfectly symmetrical tabby body.  I will miss tickling you on that little white spot on your chest. . . the one I call your “caramel cream.” I wilI miss kissing that big black spot on your head five times in a row. I will miss the warm breath of your giant kitty yawns and the way you slept with one leg elevated. I will miss how happy I could make you with a few shrimp or some post-Thanksgiving turkey from Aunt Jenn. I’ll miss scooping you up in one arm to kiss your head when I said goodbye in the morning. And I’ll even miss your disapproving meows when I came home after abandoning you for the day, because the moment I scooped you back up--this time into both my arms, you immediately started to purr and all was forgiven.

I hope you can forgive me for my shortcomings; that our apartment wasn’t always as clean as it should be, or that I didn’t force you to eat better food so that maybe you wouldn’t have gotten sick. And that I wasn’t watching you close enough that horrible day in 2007 when you ate a piece of plastic that had to be removed surgically. How lucky I was to get six more years with you.

I hope you understand that this is what I believe you wanted--that you were in pain, and that it was not going to get better anytime soon, and that this is so you don’t have to be sad anymore.

I loved you with all my heart and I always will. Thank you for being my buddy. We made a great team and I am so very lucky to have been your Mom.

Friday, May 25, 2012

We nose it's been a long time since we posted here but we are usually at da Tabby Cat Club where I drinks too much and wind up with a lampshade on my head, or we're on da Facebook, which I encourage all of y'all to befriend me if you can figure out my last name.

Anyway, we nose dat times are tite not just for kittehs but goggies and hoomans too so we wanted to pass dis on. which is a flash site which means they sell stuff for a few days and then FLASH they're gone, has on sale for now a $20 voucher to for $10. is a pet goods site and dey have neat stuff and free shipping over $50 and dey will even deliver stuff like litter.

In da spirit of full disclosure, Mom doesn't get anything for posting dis; she just likes a good deal.

Dis is where she'd post a picture of me surrounded by Monopoly money but we don't has any so here I am just being cute and a little scary-faced and making sure da modem is working.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dis is Da Problem With Having a 6-Year-Old Hooman Cuzzin

She made a tiara and told Mom to put it on me and take a picture. 'Cause you should always do what 6-year-old hoomans tell you to do. Face/paw.

Friday, January 27, 2012

It's Da Weekend


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dat Bird Was Delishous.

Secret Paws Miracle!

Guys guys guys! Remember when my Secret Paws present went missing? Well, Connie at Tales From the Foster Kittens thought that was super uncool, and she had Santa send me all new presents. Thanks, Connie!

Presents? For me?
Let me sit here on Envelope Island and smell this new feather toy.

My own light saber! I'm gonna use teh force and junk.

Feather Bell Thingy!

Thanks for all my toys!

One of Connie's foster kittehs had to go to the bridge this week, and that's way worse than not getting Secret Paws presents, so please go over there and say hi.